Leopard, Proxies, PubSubAgent crash

I’ve just released HTTP::Proxy::GreaseMonkey. It’s an HTTP proxy that allows (some) GreaseMonkey scripts to be used in any browser - not just FireFox. I wrote it so I could use my GreaseMonkey search.cpan.org enhancer with Safari.

After installing the proxy and telling Safari (and everything else on the machine) to use it I started to experience PubSubAgent crashes every twenty minutes or so. It turns out that PubSubAgent is responsible for .mac synchronisation - and it doesn’t like proxies. You can read more about the problem here.

The solution suggested on that thread - to add .mac.com to the proxy bypass list - is heading in the right direction but isn’t quite correct. Instead you must add *.mac.com to the proxy bypass.

Proxy Settings

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  1. arthur Says:

    cheers matey, that was extremely helpful..

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